1. To Idle or Not to Idle…That is the Question!

    It is a common practice to let your engine idle to warm it up, especially on cold mornings. Did you know that some people also let their engine idle all day? Many people who work in the oil field and on farms use their engines to run equipment that they need for their work. So, they leave their vehicles idling, because they think it increases the engines performance. Whether you let your engine wa…Read More

  2. What is Turbo? Horsepower? Torque?

    Horsepower, Turbo, Torque, what does it all mean? Why does it matter? Horsepower Horsepower is the most commonly used term to illustrate the amount of power an engine can generate. It measures how much sustained work an engine can do. One unit of horsepower is specifically measured as 33,000 foot-pounds per minute. This equates to 746 watts, 2,545 BTU's, or 2,684,975 joules of energy. However, usi…Read More

  3. Over Fueling

    What is over fueling? You may think that it's when you add extra fuel after the pump stops when you're filling up your tank. Though this can also lead to engine damage, lost fuel economy, and added air pollution; over fueling is when the fuel pump is pumping too much diesel into the engine cylinders. The diesel in the cylinder is not burned efficiently, because the fuel to air mixture is not at th…Read More