1. Cabin Air Filters

    A recent Maintenance Matters survey found that 49% of cabin air filters are sold during the spring. Increasing pollen counts, coupled with the benefits cabin air filters provide for allergy suffers, makes for a fairly easy sell. One could argue, however, that winter is the more important season to replace a vehicle’s filter. There are three major reasons to replace your cabin air filter in the w…Read More

  2. Daylight Saving Time

    Prepare for the end of Daylight Saving Time with proper maintenance of vehicle lighting to ensure safety. On Sunday, November 1st at 2am clocks “fall back” which causes most drivers’ commutes to be in darker lighting, being that dusk will occur during peak hours of evening traffic hours. As winter quickly approaches, vehicle lighting should be inspected to ensure optimum visibility for drive…Read More

  3. Summer Car Care

    Summer road trips are a great time for family bonding and we all know they can be stressful as well. With several "are we there yet", close to no elbow room, and who can deny those intoxicating aromas coming from the new member in the family and/or those gas station burritos we all knew was not the best decision. Those are details of the trip that we can hardly control; however, take control of wh…Read More

  4. Vehicle Maintenance For Spring

    Spring is here! Its arrival means warmer weather, increased hours of daylight, and spring break travel. As you set your clocks forward and plan to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, take a few moments to make sure your vehicle is safe and road-trip read.…Read More