CJ Bulger Service Manager

CJ has been in the Automotive Service Industry for 24 years working to improve the customer experience, proficiency, and efficiency in the day to day operations within auto service centers. After traveling all over the U.S. he is happy to be back with his friends and family which he missed during his travels. When he is not working for CT&A Service Center he enjoys his time as a writer for a small production company that produces sitcoms and promotes comedy specials, works on auto restoration projects, and hunting.

Hannah GillmoreService Writer

Debbie TruppService Writer

Seth Robinson Diagnostic Technician

Boyd “Bo” Collins Level “A” Technician/Heavy line specialty

Bo is a Colorado native who attended UTI in Arizona then came back to Colorado to work and raise his family. Bo specializes in engine, transmission, and has a vast knowledge of heavier duty trucks and equipment. In his spare time Bo loves Rock Crawling and has traveled to various parts of the U.S. to find his challenges.

Everett Collins – Level “B” Technician/Heavy line specialty